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What Value Do Trees Provide For Your Property?

Property owners don’t always consider the value of having trees on their land. It’s true that trees require maintenance, especially in autumn when leaves need to be raked. Besides that, trees need to be pruned and watered, but if you hire a tree service, maintaining the tree on your property won’t be much of a hassle.

In fact, if you take good care of the trees growing in your care, they can provide numerous benefits economically, environmentally, and health-wise. More specifically, let’s look at what value trees can add to your property.

They Boost Your Property Value

The presence of a tree can increase the value of your property by up to 14% (per SavATree). If you keep reading, it’s not hard to see why given that trees provide a lot of benefits. That means if you ever plan to see down the line, buyers won’t mind paying a higher price if you already have established trees on your property. Keep in mind that some trees take time to grow and develop character, so well-established trees are always a great bargaining tool when negotiating your asking price.

The other thing is, as more and more people are becoming green-conscious, they will definitely consider trees as an asset when making a buying decision. Trees are good for the environment because they prevent erosion, help save water, and can reduce your air conditioning bill.

They Improve the Air Quality on Your Property

Going back to science basics, trees make their own food during a process called photosynthesis. This process requires them to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen as a by-product. This is pretty neat, considering that our environment needs less carbon dioxide and more oxygen.

Therefore, the more trees you have on your property, the greater the air quality. Having purer, healthier air is one of the top benefits of having trees on your property and the reason why planting more trees is always encouraged. Looking at the bigger picture, the planet could use much less CO2 given factors such as climate change and how greenhouse gases like CO2 can deplete the ozone layer.

They Make Your Property More Enjoyable

Besides providing high-quality air, trees make your property more enjoyable. For starters, there are many types of shade trees that you can plant to provide shade on hot summer days.

By offering shade, trees make it more comfortable to spend time outdoors, especially if you have kids. Your kids will not only appreciate the shade, but they will also love the playtime benefits of having a tree in the yard.

They will have more fun playing outside, and you will worry less knowing that trees help block some of the harmful UV rays from the sun. Another thing to not worry about is the lack of privacy since trees can also ensure privacy by blocking the view, so prying eyes won’t be able to see much of what’s going on in your yard. If you’re not sure which tree to plant to suit your needs, contact a tree service for expert advice.

They Add Aesthetic Appeal

Trees add more greenery to your landscape, which helps to improve curb appeal. The presence of trees nearby resonates well with some people because it brings them closer to nature. There are many trees with beautiful features, such as colored leaves. For instance, dogwoods are well-known for their lush red foliage and their pretty white, pink, and red blossoms. Similarly, sugar maples are considered the best ornamental trees because of their colorful canopies.

They Can Save You Money By Lowering Property Costs

If you love the fact that trees can add more value to your property, then you’ll be pleased to know that they also have added financial benefits beyond that. That’s because when you have trees on your property, you don’t have to spend as much on landscaping costs, such as irrigation and soil replacement.

That’s because tree roots dig deep and spread wide, holding the soil together and minimizing soil erosion. Tree roots also improve moisture retention, so you save money by watering less. In addition, planting trees around your home can lower air conditioning costs when summer rolls around.

Once you know of the amazing benefits of trees for your property, you should definitely feel the need to plant more. Unless it’s strictly required, don’t cut down the trees in your yard. As mentioned, if you’re worried about maintenance, hiring a tree service can make life easier. Please get in touch if you need tree service to keep the trees on your property in good condition.

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