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Giving Back

Helping the Community that has helped us.

Every year we look forward to giving back to the community by giving back to a non-profit organization that demonstrates a need for tree care, but does not have the funding available to tackle their projects.

Each year, we seek out a non-profit organization in an attempt to give back to our community by providing a highly trained tree care crew to assist in a days worth of project work at no cost to the organization. If you know of a non-profit organization in need, please submit a request through our contact page.

Over the last several years we have started a program to help non-profits. Each year we have been able to help at least one per year. This year we plan to take on two, one in the summer and one in the winter. Recent past projects include:

2017 – Libertas- Spearheaded by the Wisconsin Landscape Contractor’s Association in an overall project to reconstruct the outdoor rehabilitation area, we assisted in going through all the trees on the property to prune them for the overall health and safety of the residing patients.

2018 – The Neenah Animal Shelter – Working with Ranger’s Services, we tackled the removal of a very large Willow tree accompanied by pruning some adjacent trees to remove hazards over the animal play area.

2019 – YMCA Community Gardens- Providing material to be used in gardening.

2019 – Kimberly High School- Providing materials to a student led project to build onsite handicap accessible gardens on-site.

2020 – Winchester Historical Society- With the help of the Winchester community we removed 3 dying trees and pruned a handful of trees around the facility to give spacing between the buildings and trees.

2021 – Donating a parcel of land to Habitat for Humanity.

2022 – Make-A-Wish- Prepping an area of trees to create the base for a tree house construction project.

2023 – Future projects to be determined by you.


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