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Plant Health Care

For a Sustainable Tomorrow

Plant Health Care (PHC) is a holistic approach to caring for your trees and shrubs with the goal of improving and maintaining the overall health and aesthetics of your landscape. A PHC program uses different strategies including cultural, biological, and traditional insect and disease control methods.

Cultural methods are the foundation to a healthy and sustainable landscape. This involves thoughtful selection and placement of new plant stock, proper planting techniques, adequate watering, mulching, soil improvement and pruning to promote health and mitigate tree failure.

Biological control includes the use of natural parasites, pathogens, and predators of pests. Many of these beneficial organisms exist naturally in the landscape and can be promoted by increasing plant material diversity and reducing pesticide usage.

Certain pests and diseases will require treatment, for which we utilize a broad array of natural, organic, and synthetic products. Many of these products are considered to be “bio-rational”, a word to describe products that have low environmental impact. For more information on bio-rational, we recommend these university extension sites: UVM and UMass

Pest Management
Our trained arborists and professionals are able to identify and help manage a wide variety of insect/arthropod pests that may be harming your plants. We have a host of treatment methods to manage damaging pest populations from the smallest azaleas to the largest oaks trees.

Disease Management
Plant diseases are part of any natural ecosystem, but in your landscape, they can run amok. Proper identification, timing, and treatment methods are all important components to successful disease management. Whether it’s bacteria or fungi, leaf spot or root rot, our arborists use the latest scientifically proven methods to cure your plants.

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