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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree Trimming Prevents Damage and Disease

If you want to keep your trees healthy, you need to invest in proper trimming and pruning practices. Not only do these practices keep your trees healthy, but they can also prevent property damage as a result of fallen branches.

Falling tree branches are a serious safety hazard. Often brought down by severe weather, these branches most often live on older or diseased trees. Working with certified arborists can help ensure that proper preventive tree maintenance is performed so you don’t have to worry about property damage during the next big storm. Preventive pruning and trimming is the best way to save your trees and protect your property.

Preventive tree trimming can also come in handy if a tree has particularly dense foliage. When there are too many branches in close proximity, they may bump against one another. Rubbing and crossing branches can cause avenues of decay, which may lead to insect infestations and disease. By thinning out the tree and removing a few branches, our team can prevent further damage and ensure that each branch is getting the space and sunlight it needs to thrive.

Trust Our Team to Maintain Your Trees

As trusted tree trimmers in the Fox Valley, our team at Fox Valley Tree Care & Landscape offers a wide array of services. Some of our most requested services include:

    • Structural and shape pruning
    • Hand pruning
    • Tree removal
    • Redirectional pruning
    • Roofline clearances
    • Building clearances

Looking for experienced tree trimmers in Appleton, WI might seem like a hassle. Fortunately, we serve a wide variety of customers. Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or reaching out on behalf of a municipality or government entity, Fox Valley Tree Care & Landscape is here for all of your arboreal needs.

Looking for additional peace of mind? You will be happy to know that we pride ourselves on cleaning up once the job is done. In fact, we guarantee your yard will look better than ever once our work is complete.

Our team of experts at Fox Valley Tree Care & Landscape is available throughout the year for both preventive maintenance and emergency services.

Customer Testimonial

Thanks, crew, for your great work pruning our big trees today. Your new lift is amazing but the people doing the work are the real stars here. Appreciate how they worked with us to get what we wanted done.

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