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Learn Why You Should Hire a Certified Arborist

The certified arborists at Fox Valley Tree Care & Landscape are plant care specialists dedicated to excellence in the field of arboriculture.

They are highly qualified in the care of your valuable landscape, using the most up-to-date advances and proven, age-old techniques.

professional arborist removing a tree branch.

Put Knowledgeable Plant Experts on the Job

Certified arborists are widely recognized professionals due to their extensive education and training in plant health and care including:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of your landscape problems

  • Proper pruning and management techniques for your valuable landscape plants

  • Understanding tree biology

  • Identifying and selecting the appropriate plants for your landscape

  • Installation and establishment of plants to enhance your landscape

  • Understanding the delicate soil and water relationships that affect plant health

  • Nutrition requirements and fertilization techniques to keep your plants in peak form

  • Recognizing tree hazards and construction damage

To maintain and beautify the world around us, residential property, commercial property, or the town you live in, certified arborists are there to help you. 

Certified Arborists Stay Up to Date on New Technology

To qualify as a certified arborist, an experienced plant care professional must pass an extensive examination developed by an international panel of experts in the industry and academia. The International Society of Arboriculture maintains this voluntary certification program. 

The educational program does not stop with testing. A certified arborist must stay informed about new technology by attending seminars and reviewing the latest publications to obtain necessary continuing education credits. 

An arborist by definition is an individual who is trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees. ISA arborist certification is a nongovernmental, voluntary process by which individuals can document their base of knowledge. It operates without mandate of law and is an internal, self-regulating device administered by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Certification provides a measurable assessment of an individual’s knowledge and competence required to provide proper tree care.

Certification is not a measure of standards of practice. Certification can attest to the tree knowledge of an individual but cannot guarantee or ensure quality performance.

Certified arborists are individuals who have achieved a level of knowledge in the art and science of tree care through experience and by passing a comprehensive examination developed by some of the nation’s leading experts on tree care. Certified arborists must also continue their education to maintain their certification. Therefore, they are more likely to be up to date on the latest techniques in arboriculture.

Make Sure You Have a Certified Arborist for Your Trees

Be an informed consumer. One of the best methods to use in choosing an arborist is to educate yourself about some of the basic principles of tree care.

ISA offers several other brochures in this series, which discuss many of the basic principles of tree care. Your local garden center, extension agent, or city arborists are also excellent sources of information if you should have further questions. They may also be able to refer you to an ISA-certified arborist in your area.

In today’s fragile environment, a certified arborist can maintain your landscape and help you preserve the aesthetic and ecological value of your trees and shrubs.

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