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How to Keep Your Trees Healthy All Year Long

Trees are a lovely addition to any yard. There are many benefits to having trees on your property, including adding ambiance, beauty, and curb appeal. Trees are also eco-friendly as they absorb carbon dioxide, reduce soil erosion, and often act as wildlife habitats. However, making sure your trees look their best while continuing to grow and thrive does require some effort and ongoing care. Below are some tips for keeping your trees healthy all year long.

Plant Perfect

If you are looking to plant a new tree, it is important to consider what species grow best in your area. Factors such as climate, soil conditions, available space, and access to light can all contribute to your tree’s success. To make sure you plant the right tree, consult a professional who can recommend the best species for your area and give you advice on feeding, care, and maintenance.

Water Well-Being

You may not think your mature trees need watering, but even they get thirsty during extremely dry conditions. To make sure your trees are getting the H2O they need, water young trees regularly and older trees during dry spells. The most effective method is to water deeply and be sure to saturate the root zone completely.

Mulch Matters

For trees to grow and thrive, their soil needs to be healthy. In the forest, the soil is continuously enriched through layers of organic matter that encourage nutrient absorption. However, your yard may not have the nutrient-rich soil your tree craves. But not to worry, you can recreate a healthy environment for your tree by mulching with organic matter. Mulching benefits your tree in various ways, including preventing weeds from growing and competing for sun and nutrients, keeping the soil moist, and cooling the soil. Contact tree services near you to find out more about the best mulching materials for your trees.

The Root of the Matter

By mulching around your trees, you promote healthy soil, which is also critical for healthy root systems. This is where professional tree services can help, as they will know the right way to mulch to prevent root smothering. Keeping the soil healthy is essential to encourage oxygen absorption, so be sure your soil has air space and is not compacted. Mulching helps, as it reduces compaction and allows better water filtration to the root area. After all, healthy roots equal healthy trees!

Pruning, Thinning, and Cutting

Pruning your trees can be done throughout the year, though it is especially beneficial after damaging storms or a harsh winter. However, pruning can also be delicate, and you don’t want to cause damage to your tree by cutting off or removing healthy branches. This is why you should contact professional tree services to assess your tree and be sure that dead or diseased limbs are removed properly. Regular pruning by a professional can also help to prevent fallen branches and limbs from causing property damage.

Thinning is slightly different from pruning and requires more care. Pruning removes select parts of the tree, including branches, buds, or roots to increase your tree’s airflow. Thinning can change the shape of your tree as it may require more extensive removals. Thinning is often required when branches are crossed, dead, or broken and can help prevent overcrowding. This causes improved growth and can improve the overall appearance of a tree.

Cutting is the most extreme and may involve removing significant parts of a tree or cutting it down entirely. Always consult professional tree services before cutting down a tree, as they are expert arborists and will determine if cutting is necessary. They can often help with stump removal, too.

Food For Thought

As mentioned above, trees require nutrients for growth and overall health. One way to give your trees the nutrients they crave is through fertilizer. While mulching helps promote healthy soil, fertilizer can help increase growth, making your trees taller and stronger. Fertilizing your trees also gives them increased tolerance to disease and may even help prevent certain pest infestations. Contact professional tree services to learn more about fertilizers and how to choose the best one for your trees.

Having trees on your property adds ambiance, shade, and beauty, as well as benefiting the environment through sustainability. However, caring for your trees properly often requires expert care and advice. Be sure to contact professional tree services in your area to keep your trees looking their best all year long.

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